Halloween Kids Costume Ideas

30th October 2013, 10:27 PM Author: admin

Happy Halloween party peeps… I love any excuse to don a costume and Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with kooky, spooky and downright ridiculous dress up ideas. Channel 9 Today Show asked me to come up with some wacky and wonderful Halloween outfits for kids, so I wrangled all my family and some friends including my daughter Mia and nieces and nephews to be models on the show. It was such a fun segment, we had an EWOK spit the ‘Gummi’ and do a walk off, guitar pinata smashing, bubble wrap popping, Karl in stitches on the red carpet and Barbie in all her glory.

When it comes to inspiration for Halloween, sometimes just seeing a costume online can be enough to stir your creative juices and get you all pumped about constructing your very own interpretation of the costume, and that is exactly what happened to me. After looking online and browsing loads of sites, I came up with some original ideas and some old favourites to give a broad range of options. Hope you are inspired by something you see!

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.54.46 AM

This is my nephew Oliver who is sporting a very easy Strong Man suit. Most items can be sourced from the wardrobe or the op shop. We went with blue shorts, old jumper with striped shirt cut out and put over the top with texta for muscles and a touch of chest hair for effect. The belt is mine, socks are his dads, accompanied by Oli’s school shoes. We used socks for muscles in the arms and a fake mo from the cheap shop. The weights are just paper scrunched up with electrical tape and letters stuck on. You could make this in an hour once you sourced all the materials!


Ok, so I really had fun with this one. My friend Meg has a gorgeous daughter Tully, who recently won World Aerobics Champion in Serbia last week, and who I knew would make the perfect model for this. It’s so effective and is very easy to do also. We just sourced a box from Kennards hire, spray painted it pink (needed a few cans) then cut the hole in the front, leaving a section to stick the word Barbie. We then printed out the Barbie logo at Office Works in 3 different poster sizes ($2 – $4 pending size) and blinged it up with glue and $2 glitter from Hot Dollar. Tully had some cute clothes perfect for the character and is topped off with stunning little ‘Edna’ silver shoes from Williams the Shoe Man in Charlestown (A big thank you to Louise for being so helpful). Lowana’s Hair and beauty salon in Jewells Plaza, Newcastle also loaned us the Rusk curler to get those amazing bangs, but you can use any type of curler to get some curls.


Cute as a button, this is modelled off the very popular Lala Loopsy dolls, which my adorable little niece Isabel is holding. The top, skirt and shoes came to $20 from Best and Less and then my sweet friend Jamie just sewed the little bit of lace and ribbon onto the front of the shirt so it matched the doll perfectly. The little shoes also have ribbon stitched onto the front so they can then tie up her gorgeous chubby legs, edible!


Man, I just wet my pants laughing after creating this one in the car the other day with my daughter Mia. It is so stupid and last minute, but for some reason I just get the giggles when I think of it. Beautiful McKenzie Glover, Mia’s good friend from school, very graciously accepted the challenge to embrace Bubblewrap Zombie. So basically it is just bubble wrap from office works, some tape from the supermarket (or you could use any tape) and just some fake chains for effect. Tease hair, bit of makeup and you are good to go in 15mins. Now that is my kind of dress up!


My beautiful Mia normally cringes when I mention Sugar Coated Mama, she has zero interest in any of my parties or creations….she is definitely more like her father (which is thankfully a good thing). On this occasion, she very happily jumped on the Halloween party bus with me and got jiggy with it as an IPOD. This is a worldwide iconic device and everyone can relate to it, especially a pre-teen wearing it! This one requires very little, just thick cardboard, white tape (electrical or just clear), headphones and black outfit! This one has stickers cut out for the front dials, but you can just use texta, the effect would be just as good if you have a steady hand.


Luca is sporting the punk rockstar look, a great DIY Halloween idea for the time poor. Just use some black clothes from the cupboard, belt from the op shop, piñata guitar from party shop and then bling it up with Halloween accents like bats, spiders and skeletons. The guitar also houses all the lollies collected for trick or treat and then you can smash that sucker at the end, boys go wild for that sort of stuff… This is 15mins and under once items are sourced.

Punk Rock Star

Shut the front door, this little ball of fluffy EWOK goodness is going to break some hearts tonight. I am a massive Star Wars fan, my brother is a huge collector of Star Wars and our whole family just love it. This little EWOK modelled by my very same brother’s son Max is obviously for someone that loves to sew as there is a lot of detail and care that has gone into it. So if you are handy behind the needle, or you know someone that is, then this fluff bucket is for you. All materials can be sourced from Spotlight and with a little bit of prep work, is really very achievable. Little Max is now a big TV star for having a GUMMI spit and staging a walk off, TV GOLD! He doesn’t likes gummi bears it turns out!



I had to pull out something VERY last minute, I sure aint in Kansas anymore Toto!   Recycled dress from 10 years ago, cape from Alice’s Wonderland in Adamstown and Hat from my mother in law at midnight last night who thought it needed something. Thankfully the amazing Helena from Exquisite Jewels for Hire was the saving grace with her incredible authentic necklace that was a showstopper. It was more expensive than anything I have ever owned in my entire closet, but what a great piece! Helena has an amazing collection of jewels for hire, you name it, she has it.


Have a hauntingly awesome Halloween and don’t forget to stock up on the lollies in case you get a little rattle on the door!

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